Permanent Lip Augmentation – Before and After Photos & Cost

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Permanent Lip Augmentation - Before and After Photos & CostWhen we talk about lips, Angelina Jolie comes into our mind.  Why not ? She has an adorable pair of lips. That’s why many women are envious of what she has. A good pair of lips is attractive and makes you look even more beautiful.  If you can carry your lips confidently, they become your assets.

If you are not lucky enough to have beautiful and sexy lips, you can still alter them through medical procedures.  We have the so-called lip augmentation. It’s a kind of surgery similar to rhinoplasty or nose job or lift.  These procedures are done to enhance facial features.

How much Does Lip Augmentation Cost?

The cost of this surgery actually depends on the region, the surgeon, and other factors. You have to bear in mind that the estimated price for lip enhancement may not cover the cost of anesthesia, lab work, medication, and other related services for the treatment. There are many types of procedures that a person can seek, which will determine the cost.  Its cost for autologen, collagen, hylaform, dermalogen, alloderm, and others ranges from $100-$600 or up to $1,000 per lip.  However, these procedures can give pleasing but temporary results.

The cost for more permanent procedures like ultra soft, soft form, and gototex implants ranges from $1,000-$2,000.  These are far more expensive but give permanent results. The cost usually includes surgeon’s fees, OR fees anesthesia, medication, and lab work.

You cannot use your health insurance because it is usually used for cosmetic purposes. But you can choose from payment plans offered by surgeons to be able to cover the cost of the procedure.

Now look at the photos below and check the results of the procedures done.  You may also want to search for the results of perlane lip augmentation.


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