Chin Augmentation Cost / Prices in India, UK, Canada

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chin augmentation pricesNowadays many medical procedures are done improve or enhance the different parts of our body. We have surgical and non surgical procedures to correct imperfections.  One of them is the so-called chin augmentation.

What is Chin Augmentation ?

Chin augmentation or genioplasty is the surgical use of sterile synthetics or biological implants to improve the chin and make it appropriate with other facial features.

Who can have Chin Augmentation ?

Chin augmentation may be requested by people who have a prominent nose or any other facial features who wish to create a more balance appearance. But this procedure is actually often used in conjunction with other forms of cosmetic surgery.  This can be done with fillers, too.

How is The Surgery Done ?

It is done by making incision directly above the bone and creating a pocket in which the implant may be replaced.  The cut may be done inside the mouth or under the skin.  This surgery takes about 1-2 hours to complete.  The patients remain in the hospital for a night following the surgery.

Benefits of Chin Implant Surgery

  • Can balance a weak or receding chin
  • Can make your nose seem less large
  • Provides a more balance facial feature

How Long Does it Take to Recover From it ?

Swelling may last for 1-2 weeks.

What are the Risks ?

  • Infection
  • Change in sensation
  • Rejection of the implant by the immune system
  • Asymmetrical results
  • Rupture of the implants

Prices of Chin Augmentation

Costs vary from region to region.

UK (United Kingdom) -Chin augmentation surgery costs £3000.

Toronto, Canada – $6, 100

Philippines -$800

US – $2, 269

India – $1, 105.59

You can see that chin augmentation is much cheaper compared to jaw advancement surgery prices.

That’s it! Check the before and after photos of males and females who tried this surgery.


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