How to Date French Women – Dating Guide

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how to date french womenFrench women are just like any other kinds of girls.  It’s just that they are different in some aspects.  They have their own culture.  Expect to see different traits and personalities from them.  Before you ask a French woman out, there are things that you have to know first.

Check the following dating tips to guide you on your date with French ladies.

How to Date French Women

  • Show your confidence and intelligence.  Don’t be shy as she will not like it.  Rather you will end up turning her off.
  • You have to know the meaning of the French term fois gras.
  • Pick her up on time.  When you take her home walk her to the door and you can kiss her.  French women do not mind this at all.
  • Praise her especially when she asks if she’s fat.  Answer by saying no and that she is beautiful and she needs to eat more.
  • French people have the passion for cooking.  This is a part of their tradition and you should appreciate the things that they cook.  Don’t be surprised if the girl eats a lot.  Appreciate this thing.  Avoid watching TV or any other thing while eating.
  • Show your sweet side.  Every woman loves a man who can make her feel loved.
  • Don’t drink wine or champagne from the bottle itself.  This is an ultimate turn off to her.  Have some manners.
  • Engage in conversation in which you can talk about politics and other things that can interest her.
  • When you go out to watch a performance on stage, avoid clapping for every piece.  It’s alright to show appreciation but clapping piece by piece can be disturbing.  You can clap after the performances.
  • She wants all your attention.  When you’re on a date never take a glance to other girls.  Men should always remember this.
  • Make her feel that she is the most beautiful woman in your eyes.  Tell this more often.
  • Dress up properly.  Be decent.
  • Respect her customs and traditions.  Have a wide room for understanding her.

If you follow the dating guide and dating tips that are mentioned above more likely you will have a good relationship with your French girlfriend.  If you are destined together, then your marriage will take place.


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That sounds like a lot of work for a date.

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This was a good read. Thanks in advance.

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