Do you love to eat vanilla candy or Vanilla Ice Cream? Well say “thanks” to beaver first before eating your vanilla candy or ice cream for their butt has been the primary source of vanilla for 80 years now. Haha, LOL. Yes its true. No Kidding. Vanilla comes from beaver’s ass. Have you ever heard of a […]

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During the typhoon yolanda, it was reported that a lot of people broke into grocery stores and stole food and other stuffs.  There’s even a report that one thief took close to 500,000 Pesos when  he broke into the house and took cash, gold bracelet, digital camera,  gold earing, diamond ring from a rich Chinese Family. And now […]

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Same day, Wednesday after Arnold Clavio asked for understanding him on TV for his rude interview with Janet Napoles’ Attorney, MTRCB set a hearing with Arnold Clavio including Unang Hirit’s management to a “remedial and best practices conference” this coming November 11, Monday. If you haven’t read my posts about Arnold Clavio’s Rude Interview and […]

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Arnold Clavio has been tagged as “bastos/rude” this past few days after his rude interview on Janet Napoles’ Attorney Alfredo Villamor when he said “Pansira ka ng araw eh”, “tatawa-tawa ka pa”. Just this morning, Arnold tried to explain why he became rude during the interview. He said that at the present Attorney Villamor is the only one who could shed some […]

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Arnold Clavio is now trending on social networks like facebook and twitter after his very rude unprofessional interview with Alfredo Villamor – Janet Napoles’ Attorney on Unang Hirit. If you haven’t read my post about Arnold Clavio, here’s the link on my post with video. Now, One gay just took revenge and he thought this is his right time to get […]

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Here’s the replay video of Miss Universe 2013 held yesterday November 5 at Crocus City Hall in Moscow Russia. Our very own Ariella Arida did a very stunning performance both on swimsuit and gown presentation. Wearing a Yamamay Italian swimwear and golden terno, she stood out from other 86 contestants and wowed the judges and audience. Her video on […]

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Kapuso reporter Arnold Clavio received a lot of negative reactions from netizens after his rude interview with Attorney Alfredo Villamor who is the lawyer of Janet Lim Napoles. During his interview, Tuesday morning on Unang Balita. Arnold Clavio quoted these unethical lines: “Panira ka ng araw eh” (You spoil/ruin my day)” “Wala akong nakuha sa inyo (We did not […]

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I don’t know if this is true or not but I just read it from one blog saying that Senator Jinggoy Estrada was recently arrested after trying to smuggle money inside his breast to United States. The author said that the airport authorities grew suspicious when they saw a noticeable bulge on Senator’s chest area. The authorities closely […]

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Another Filipina to be proud of. Rose Fostanes a.k.a. Osang from Taguig City wowed the judges and audiece when she sung the song “This is my Life” by Shirley Basseys on the X-Factor Israel which was aired just this Saturday, October 26. Rose Fostanes lives in Tel Aviv Israel with her 3 other caregiver friends. Still a single and forgot […]

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Looks like Chito Miranda has an upcoming video scandal again and this time it’s not between him and Neri Naig but with Angel Locsin. Yes, you heard that right, with Angel Locsin. Im not sure about this but there’s a rumor that came out from other bloggers and is now spreading online on social networks such as facebook […]

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