Someone posted a video proof of how satisfied he is under Mr. Dutertes’ administration. Mr. Benjamin B. Eugenio Jr., a professional teacher and the one who posted a video said that Mr. President really has already delivered his promise for speeding up the government service. The teacher on his video said… Heto patunay na tinutupad ng […]

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As if she sees  a threat to Mr. President’s life when someone hugs him and giggles. Lol. Watch the funny reaction of the  pretty bodyguard of Mr. President Duterte when she stood up upon seeing someone hugs her president.

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Manila,Philippines will host the prestigious beauty pageant Miss Universe on January 30 2017. The announcement was confirmed last July 28 by Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo in a press conference held in Makati City. Teo said that the DOT is considering to hold the pageant at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.The […]

When we we’re young we cry to the smallest of fault and reproach. Our sense of self is weak and delicate.All that makes us happy was play and leisure and was completely clueless about how adults are struggling with their own world.We couldn’t accept sadness as part of life.In our young innocent mind its nothing less than […]

Everyone will do their all to protect and maintain a relationship. Nothing can be happier when parties mutually stay for good at least harmoniously. It could be a personal achievement to survive a relationship tried and tested in time.When two different souls meet and converge their emotions,- a series of tempest are expected along its way. […]

Loving oneself is as fundamental as breathing oxygen.It should be first priority.But not all acknowledged this fact.Many of us were too fasten with our daily thoughts  and troubles we couldn’t  care more about our sense of self. The problem is we tend to compare and focus on our weakness and disadvantage rather than accepting whats […]

Being single is nothing to be sad of nor to be criticize. It’s something to ponder and be celebrated.Being single gives you the freedom and time to explore and discover about yourself which is only given to a few who are progressive  and seek individuality. Yes you sometimes get the blames and prejudgment of the […]

How will you know if the love is just a make believed or not real? Most of us couldn’t recognize it at first glance.When you’re in love you tend to fall under a spell of blindness and delusion.All you know is she or he is the most and best and all the superlatives given.You don’t […]

Love is fruitless when it’s not real.It is awful when not equally shared.Love is not all smiles and cloud-nines.It is not all feelings but rather decisions too.But above all Love is not a mere theory but more of actions. When we love we give and share a part of our selves to our other half.We […]

Love  that is not openly and desperately returned back is – Unrequited.Expressing all your love and time to someone who don’t recognize your feelings and worth is a very sad thing. It can be masochistic in nature-you seemed to continue loving and caring for someone even if you are hurting inside. We had experience this some […]