To Be Single is Stronger

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Being single is nothing to be sad of nor to be criticize. It’s something to ponder and be celebrated.Being single gives you the freedom and time to explore and discover about yourself which is only given to a few who are progressive  and seek individuality.

Yes you sometimes get the blames and prejudgment of the society but its always never about them but it’s about You – about your choices,your worth and value,your body,your entire being.

Being single and happy is healthier than being in a relationship with someone but then felt lonely. Of course I’m not generalizing but admit it everyone’s struggling for the love they hold dearly. There’s nothing wrong about being solitary as much as being in pair.

Once you realize that you can be happy with your own company,that you can feel comfort and peace within you, without having someone to help and change you,  then truly you are capable of living.Besides only then when you start opening up yourself  to possibilities that you can experience  love.They said that before you love someone you have to start loving and treating yourself well.Indeed it is  tried and true.

Do not be affected with the labels  people put on you.Try to be more unsympathetic to their opinions for in the end you will be held liable of your decisions and the path you took.Contentment is a noble thing.Either you seek it or let it seek you and abide with it.Being in a relationship is strong but even stronger when you’re on your own.



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