Just wanna share this very very funny video. The two guys are hilarious singing the song “Dear Pen**, I don’t love you anymore. Watch the video, I bet you will laugh. LOL  

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The most hated devina dediva – a woman who posted racist comments about the recent winner of Miss World Megan Young and also to all the Filipinos has finally apologized to Megan Young and to all the Filipinos. Her negative comments impacted her life so much that she got fired on her job as an assistant […]

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Hindi ng makatae ang mga nagaganap

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What is so special about chicken meat? Maybe you are one of those people who ask this question when you heard someone talking about eating healthy. Eating healthy is one of the many trends nowadays that people needs to do and follow if they want to live longer. Anyway, we always choose chicken over any […]

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When I was still a child, I remember how strict my mom was when it comes to the food I eat. She made sure that the food I put inside my mouth is clean. Because of this, she would really find time to cook our food. One of my favorite Filipino foods that she makes […]

What sinigang or tamarind based recipe should taste be like for you to say it’s delicious? Is it the sourness or the combined taste of everything in it? Oh well, Filipino taste buds vary from one another so the answer will vary too. But if I’m going to answer this question, it would be just […]

Buttered Chicken recipe is widely known as Indian recipe. It is characterized as hot and spicy- these are the things you expect when you are dining at an Indian restaurant. It differs from buttered fried chicken, but it looks a bit like chicken curry. This recipe is not just available in Indian restaurants or inIndiabecause […]

Are you tired of your usual pork recipes? Tired of the same dish over and over again? If you think adobo, nilaga and sinigang pork are too much to take, then it is about time to change the recipe of your favorite meat. Why not try an oriental style of cooking but with a touch […]

Don’t you know that Escabeche is not only known in the Philippines but also known in different countries such as Spain, France, Central America and Jamaica? Were you surprised too? Oh well, Filipino recipes are becoming known abroad because of our kababayans who are working anywhere in the world. Escabeche is a fish recipe that […]