Asian cuisine has I think one of the weirdest recipes but the most delicious ones especially in the Philippines. Philippine island is known for its exotic food recipes. Some culture or nationalities may find it weird and gross but hey these recipes are well prepared and made from the finest ingredients. One example of exotic […]

People are often confused between a soup and a stew. Stew is somewhat thicker in sauce, uses meat and vegetables and usually considered as a main dish. On the other hand, soup is thinner in consistency and served as a side dish. In this article I will clarify that difference by sharing to you a […]

Some say that you can’t get anything from eating eggplant but a small dosage of nicotine. But based from studies, eggplant is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Confusing right? Whatever they may say, a lot of people still find eggplant delicious and good. In the Philippines, there are so many dishes and recipes that […]

Mechado is a tomato sauce based stew in the Philippines. It is commonly served during holidays and special occasions. This Filipino dish looks caldereta but tastes differently. You can use pork or beef in this recipe. Since mechado is always present on different celebration, you might think that this dish is difficult to prepare and […]

Bamboo shoot has always been part of any Asian cuisine. Whether be it on special menus or ordinary dishes served at home. Bamboo shoots grow in any part of Asia, especially on the Southeast Asia, so it is not surprising at all if there are different bamboo shoots recipe aroundAsiaor even around the world. In […]

Coconut is largely produced in some parts of Asia. In fact most of their cuisines especially in the Philippines have a taste of coconut milk. Coconut milk has been used for ages to make dishes creamy and delectable. Coconut milk can be a substitute for milk in different kinds of recipes whether that is a […]

Milk and cheese are rich in calcium, protein, zinc and vitamin A. The nutrients you can find in cheese and milk are essential to have a healthy body and bones for young kids. So feeding your children with cheese and milk based recipes are really great for their growing years. In regard with this, I […]

Stuffed Milkfish or rellenong bangus is one of the many special dishes that you can taste in the Philippines. It’s not only because of its delicious taste but because it requires a lot of time to prepare and cook. That is why you can only see this Filipino dish every once in a while and […]

Many people prefer to cook chicken meat among other else because it’s lean and it contains less fat. If you are looking for another recipe that you can try to vary your usual chicken recipe, you are on the right article. In this article, we are going to learn another Filipino recipe that you will […]

Ilocos Region is not only known for its breathtaking sceneries but also because of its mouth watering authentic dishes. Whenever I go home to Ilocos Norte, my vacation is not complete without dropping by to my favorite restaurants and have a taste of my favorite Ilocano dishes. I even buy and bring some to Manila. […]