Philippine island is not only known for its white sand beaches, but it is also known for its exotic food.   Filipinos love to cook and exotic food is included in the list.   It may sound strange but once you have tried Philippine exotic food you’ll keep coming back.   Here are some of […]

Got too much alcohol to drink last night? Feeling weak and do you have a headache, stomach ache, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting?  Then probably you got a hangover there, dude.  Hangover is experienced after having one too much to drink.  And to experience the feeling is no fun.  To cure a hangover is not easy, […]

Writing a business proposal is crucial. This is what will make or break the deal. Your success lies on your craft. You need to have a good one to close the deal. This is quite hard but let me help you by presenting the things to do in making a good business proposal. How to […]

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Are you planning to visit other countries?   Before looking for best places to go and check what the best time to travel, you should secure first your passport.   Passport is the most important thing you should have before you can travel other countries.   This article can answer your queries about how to […]

Realizing that you have the passion to cook food is such a wonderful thing. You can satisfy the stomach of people dear to you. But it is even more wonderful if you can turn it into a job that will give you great career opportunities.  Get educated and acquire the culinary skills that will bring […]

Toenail or fungus is also known as onychomycosis or ringworm of the nail.  Toenail fungus is consists of micro organisms called dermatophytes, that can infect our nails or foot.   These organisms can spread rapidly and before you knew it, you’ll have that rotten nails or foot already.   To better understand this infection let’s discuss the […]

Countless products are sold in the market nowadays to lighten hair.   A lot of them promise spectacular results in a shortest time possible.   But all of these products may damage our tresses and could really cost much in the long run.   Why not use cheap and effective home remedies to lighten hair? In that way […]

Did you ever wonder who the famous Filipino Mathematicians are? I’ve been wondering too until I encountered their names over the net. I’m not a math lover but I highly respect their great minds when it comes to figures.  I want to share some information about these people who have great contributions on Mathematics in […]

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Brown eyes are the most common eye color, and the most versatile.  Women with brown eyes are lucky enough when it comes to what eyeshadow looks best on brown eyes.  There are some colors to stay away from, but still there are a range of eyeshadow shades that they can use to make their eyes […]

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One of the favorite tourist destinations is the popular island of Hawaii.  Why not?  It is blessed with beautiful beaches and natural landscape as well as the warm weather.  The weather makes you feel comfortable and happy.  It offers a lot of things that will surely give you pleasure. Best Places to go in Hawaii […]