How Long Does it Take To Get a Passport ?

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How Long Does it Take To Get a PassportAre you planning to visit other countries?   Before looking for best places to go and check what the best time to travel, you should secure first your passport.   Passport is the most important thing you should have before you can travel other countries.   This article can answer your queries about how to get a passport.

First you should secure all the documents that you need.   You need a copy of your birth certificate, other documents indicating your proof of identity with a picture, and passport size pictures.   But in some countries you won’t be needing passport size pictures because it is already included in the services offered.   In some countries  you also  need to secure an appointment for  processing.

After you secure all the necessary documents you can look for the nearest regional passport center.   There your application is being processed.  The officers will check your documents and will advice you to pay for minimal amount for your application.   The cost depending on the country.    In the US you have to pay $100 to $180.  In some countries like the Philippines you have to pay 950 pesos to 1,200 pesos.   The lower you pay the longer you will wait.  After you paid the charge, the officer will advice you when to can get your passport.

So how long can you get a passport ?   You can get it depending on the amount you have paid.   If you paid for expedite services, you can get it between 5 days to 10 days.   But if you paid a minimal amount for the processing fee, you can get it between 15 days to 20 days.

So to avoid the hassle, get a passport before you really need one.


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