How to Use Lemon Juice to Lighten Skin

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lemon juice to whiten skinThe excessive production of Melanin, the substance responsible for determining skin color, makes the skin look darker.   That’s why the lesser the melanin, the lighter it will be.   However, not all of us are blessed with a light radiant skin to flaunt thus making it the reason why we need to rely on some of the methods proven to be effective to lighten skin.

Apparently, there are a number of beauty products available which guarantee to rejuvenate skin and bring back the glow in it.  Some products are often expensive and will cause you to shed off your resources.  On the other hand, there are also all-natural and inexpensive health and beauty product to whiten and prevent development of freckles.  And what could it be?  The answer – lemon juice.

Does Lemon Juice Really Lighten Skin ?

One of the natural ways and the oldest known home remedies said to make your complexion fair is to use the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon.  The use of this fruit to bleach skin and to lighten hair present on the skin is one of the interactions why lemon is noted as whitener.  Fresh lemons are all natural that is why it won’t clog your pores. However, lemon has acidic properties which oftentimes will cause dryness and irritation.  To avoid this, make sure to moisturize it regularly.

Now, you already know about the wonders of this fruit, still you don’t know how to use it, well then below are some tips on how to use lemon juice to lighten skin. Read on.

How to Use this Fruit to Whiten

  • In a container or empty spray bottle, put some of the freshly-squeezed lemon juice. Dilute it with water.   Spray the mixture on clean skin.  Test the mixture first on the neck area to see cases of allergic reactions and rinse.  If it’s okay, try to apply it onto your face.
  • With the mixture, you can also wash your face over the sink every night. You can also squeeze the lemon juice on a cotton ball and apply it on your face.  Then wash off after 10-30 minutes.
  • You might also want to rub a lemon rind onto your skin.  Doing this will lighten it eventually.

Take Note:

  • Always use sunscreen as lemon juice will make it sensitive to the sun’s rays.  Never go out in the sun while you have it on your skin.  It is advisable to do this routine at night.
  • Be careful when applying to cuts and blisters as the acid in this fruit stings.

Okay, so those are some of the tips that you can do on how to use this fruit to lighten skin.  Home remedies like this one are believed to help give you whiter complexion, but remember that it also takes a lot of patience as some does not guarantee instant results. Good luck!


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Donna Says:August 15th, 2010 at 11:33 pm

How long does it take to whiten ? How many weeks ?

I’ve read somewhere that you can also make use of yogurt or other milk products. How about yogurt? Thanks for the post.

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