Birthday is something that we always look forward to not because of gifts that we could give or the treats that we could share.  Birthday is a date of a year where in you have to celebrate the goodness of the Lord.  It is something we look forward to because we want to look back […]

Receiving gifts from the one who loves you takes you to cloud nine. No matter how simple the gift is if it’s full of love, you consider it so precious like a gem to be treasured forever.  But it’s even more wonderful when you give presents to your boyfriend or girlfriend and you see that […]

Singapore has a diverse culture-a combination of East and West. Influences from the Orient and Occident make the country a perfect location for culinary arts schools.  The country’s passion for cooking also paved the way for the building of culinary arts schools that offer quality education and great training in the field. Top Culinary Arts […]

Cars or automobiles are really convenient transportations when you want to go somewhere at anytime.   At some countries cars are there life.   It is one of the necessities they have on their list.   Some people would feel something good if they drive their own car.   Some would feel a real freedom […]

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Anemia is just one of the most common blood disorders (leukemia is another one) that are commonly seen in children, women, pregnant women, and men.  This condition has something to do with the decrease in the quantity of the red blood cells or hemoglobin in the body.  Hemoglobin, a component of the red blood cells, […]

Our face has the crucial part when we talk about appearance.   Our face gives an idea whether you are socially acceptable or not.   Our face has its own value.   And because of this we always want to look good and try to add our beauty regimen to have that smooth skin on […]

One of the many social issues that we face today is weight.  Weight matters especially for women.  But men are also conscious with their body figure. With the desire to loss weight some people even go for crash diets for fast results.  Little did they know it’s dangerous to their health and body. For others […]

Due to the growing desire and pressure to loss weight and be sexy, men and women keep on trying different ways to achieve this goal.  They try various types of diet.  They enroll to weight loss programs with the thought that with these they will have a better body built.  One of the famous programs […]

A number of weight loss pills are sprouting in the market and promising to help you lose pounds and improve your overall energy.   But it’s hard to trust just any pills that you see.  One shouldn’t just get into something without doing any research.  Losing weight does not mean you have to put your health […]

Hooked on sugar ?  Can’t you keep yourself away from ice cream and candy?  Do you find yourself staying up late at night while grabbing those chocolate bars?  If all your answers are yes, then you are a sugar addict. Though craving for some sweets at some point in our lives is not a bad […]