Visiting foreign places can be fun and educational at the same time.  You will get the chance to have a taste of its history through its historic places.  You will also experience the culture of the people there.  You will learn their way of life and how they see things.  You will have the opportunity […]

Robert Pershing Wadlow, also known as the “Gentle Giant”, has been recorded as the world’s tallest man who has ever lived. Can you believe that he actually reached the height of eight feet and eleven inches tall when he died in July 1940? Read the story of Robert Pershing Wadlow below who has a life-size […]

It is important that a person, especially once he/she begins to age, should learn how to lower cholesterol level naturally. The use of drugs and other medication to lower one’s cholesterol can be achieved quickly; however those predispose you to further health problems.  That is why it is still better to opt for the natural […]

Who doesn’t want to have a flat stomach? We all want to have it.  It is even more desirable to have defined six pack abs. Well-toned abs boosts your appearance. Moreover, it helps you maintain better posture and balance since it is the center of your body.  But how do you do it?  Is it […]

When you hear of plastic surgery, what comes into your mind? A celebrity who is afraid to look old? A person who is not happy with his/her features and wants some change? Many are interested to undergo plastic surgery to enhance their beauty but only a few know how it works.  To better understand this […]

Cellulite is the lumpy or not smooth substance resembling cottage cheese which is commonly seen on the thighs, butt, and stomach. It is actually a collection of fat that push against the connective tissue beneath a person’s skin which causes the uneven texture of the skin. Do you have cellulite? You can check it through […]

I’m sure most people are wondering what sassy water is. Some might have heard it for the first time; well sassy water is actually an anti bloating recipe from the author of “The Flat Belly Diet.” It has been one of the most talked about over the Internet because it is said that this will […]

“Love of beauty is art but creation of beauty is art.” This line is from the website of Philippine Plastic Surgeon. Truly making people beautiful is a great art. It is natural for humans to be open to changes particularly on the physical aspect. Everyone wants to look beautiful. This can be possible with the […]

A hornet or a wasp sting can really make you say “Ouch!” It can really hurt anyone. For some sensitive people, they even suffer from more serious problems.  Immediate treatment of the sting is necessary to ease pain.  The good news is treating a hornet or was sting is pretty easy to do. How to […]

Getting to Las Vegas can get very pricey.  Moreover, it isn’t easy to get to the US when you feel like visiting it.  It’s not all about the plane ticket but it’s more of the visa.  For some people who can’t get the chance to experience Las Vegas, they look for alternatives like considering other […]