Best Time to Travel to Macau – Best Places to Visit and See

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Getting to Las Vegas can get very pricey.  Moreover, it isn’t easy to get to the US when you feel like visiting it.  It’s not all about the plane ticket but it’s more of the visa.  For some people who can’t get the chance to experience Las Vegas, they look for alternatives like considering other places such as Macau.

tower- best time to travel to macau

Macau is a Special Administration Region of China.  It has a rich and varied culture.  Due to its recent rapid development is has transformed as the Las Vegas of the Orient.  Huge investment from Macau, Hong Kong, and USA lead to the formation of many world class casinos and hotels and resorts.  There are many tourist attractions here.  Knowing the best time to travel to Macau is important so that you will have a wonderful stay.

Best places to visit and see

  • A Ma Temple: This is the oldest temple in Macau and has a history of over 500 years.  Many people gather here to pay homage and to ask for good fortune, good luck, and a quite warm scene.
  • Maritime Museum: Its exhibition building was built at the area where the first batch of Portuguese landed. A piece of relief sculpture on which is inscribed the arrival of the Portuguese navigators at Macau is found inside the museum. On the ceiling of the museum are constellations that can be observed from Macau.
  • Sam Ba Sing Tsik: This is the most familiar symbol in Macau.  It is in front of the ruins of the St. Paul’s Church.
  • Taipa and Coloane:  Well-known restaurants with various delicacies are here like the vegetarian food in the Puppet Restaurant and Bodhi garden.
  • Senado Square:  It is paved with a wave-patterned mosaic of colored stones, created by Portuguese experts.
  • The Grand Prix Museum:  It is the newest museum. You can see there photos of splendid car races with English, Chinese, and Portuguese explanations.
  • Monte da Guia Castle:  This is the highest hill in Macau with the height of 90 meters above sea level.
  • The Macau Tower:  This is the 10th tallest free standing tower in the world.  In here tourists can experience the air and sounds of Macau.

Asia family cruise in Macau is also an exciting way to get a life.  So if you want to go traveling, consider Macau or you can travel to Bora Bora Island.

Best time to travel to Macau

Now that you have ideas about the sceneries and best places to go, let’s decide when the best travel days are.  The best time of the year is autumn. It stretches during the months of October to December. The temperature is moderate and pleasant.

So take the flight with one of the best airlines that fly to Macau and enjoy the luxury of the place!


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