Best Time to Travel to Alaska

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White Pass and Yukon Route in Alaska

White Pass and Yukon Route in Alaska (Click Image to Enlarge)

Planning a trip to Alaska but can’t decide when to go?  Well, you are not the only one wondering about it.

Many people ask when the best time to visit Alaska is.  The best time to travel really depends on what you want to do in a certain place.  Another consideration is your budget.  There are peak seasons which will make your travel a bit pricey.

To help you make up your mind and plan for your trip, I’ll give a list of the best places in Alaska and the things that you can enjoy the place.  These are the main tourist spots in Alaska and you don’t want to miss these places when you go there.

Major Tourist Spots

  • White Pass and Yukon Route: It will give you the world’s most wonderful journeys.
  • Denali National Park: Do not miss the chance to get close to the wildlife in Alaska. This is also the home of Mt. Mckinley, the highest mountain in North America.
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center: You will get to know the culture of Alaska more when you visit this place.

When is the Best Time to Travel to Alaska

May and September:  These months are the favorites of tourists because you can get lower prices and the country is not that crowded.  This will give you the chance to pick the accommodation you want to experience. They want to take advantage of the special beauty of the country, too.  Moreover, May can be as warm as summer although in northern parts you may experience colder atmosphere.  In September, you will see the transformation of trees to bright colors.  The best time of the month is usually before September 15th because you can really enjoy lower prices.  But this is the wettest month so be careful when driving.  To have a better experience, try to take the train.

For a more organized travel, visit travel agencies or log on to their websites You may want to try travel channel. Enjoy your vacation to Alaska!


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