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Penang Island in Malaysia

Penang Island in Malaysia

There are great places that offer great view and bountiful blessings from above.  Natural beauties, wonderful beaches make Malaysia as one of the most visited and best places in the world.  A place with distinct features that everyone would surely love and enjoy.  Have you been thinking for a vacation, a cruise or maybe a travel lately?  Book flights now and take a visit to the place.  There are a lot of travel deals out there.  But when is really the best time to travel to Malaysia and witness the wonders of the place?  Well, read on.

Malaysia’s beauty still remains the same regardless of the season.  It has tropical climate, so warm and humid weather may be experienced throughout the year but still be ready for your umbrellas for rain might also fall.  Months from May to September are said to be the best time to visit to Malaysia.  For those beach lovers, November to January are the months that you should avoid because for sure, you wouldn’t enjoy the beaches and you wouldn’t love it.  Expect heavy rains during these months.  But the benefit of this is, it’s the best time for you to witness or see turtles which come out from the water to lay eggs.  Isn’t it exciting?

Travel peak season is observed during the months of November- January, for most of the festivities, holidays and major festivals cover these months just like New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and the Hari Raya Puasa.  But some would think that these months are not the perfect or the best time of the year to visit because the place would be so crowded.  Hotels and trains are always ready for everyone.  Your trip wouldn’t be complete if you fail to visit one of Malaysian prides, the Penang Island.  Penang means island of Betel Nut and is famous of its admirable natural beauty.

Explore the place!  Discover the wonders of the world. You’ll surely be amazed.


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