World’s Ugliest Hotel

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ryugyong hotel in north korea - One of the Ugliest Hotel

Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea - One of the Ugliest Hotel

Are you fond of traveling ?   Travelers may visit different places and may stay in different hotels.   But what if your travel agent booked you in a world’s ugliest hotel ?   Uh-oh and oh no!   That could be the most hilarious thing to think about right?   So in order for you to avoid the hassle, this article will definitely tell you the world’s ugliest hotel and give you some information about it.

  • Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea – is said to be the world’s ugliest hotel. It is also known as the hotel of doom. This one hundred five storey building looks like a pyramid. It has three thousand rooms. The building construction started in 1987 but was never finished and the builder or the man behind this just stopped building this in 1992, so it wasn’t completed until now.  It has a height of 1,083 ft and 360,000 m of floor space. If ever this building was finished it could have been the one of the tallest and largest building in the world.
  • The son of heaven hotel – It is considered as the one of the worst hotels in the world is that could be found in China in the province of Hebei. This is believed to bring good fortune and longevity to those travelers who are going to stay there but this hotel looks so scary that you may think of nightmares when you sleep.
  • First world hotel – It is located in Malaysia.  It is also known as one of the largest hotels but it is painted with very bright colors.  It’s so colorful that you can’t stare it on a sunny day with your bare eyes.

These are some of the worst hotels you can stay if you’re not aware of it.   So before you set all things to travel have a short research on the hotels that you are going to stay at, to avoid the hassle and disappointments.


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