How Many Calories are in an Egg

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how many calories are in an egg

How many calories are in an egg ?

Most of the foods that we eat such as the bread that we eat in the morning contain egg. Egg is one of the best source of high quality protein because it contains complete essential amino acids and yet the cheapest and contains low in fat.   Egg is commonly use by bodybuilders who are trying to build muscles in a short time because egg contains high in calories.  Micheal Phelps – gold medalist in Olympics 2008 use to eat 24 eggs per day to bulk himself up.  So,

how many calories are in an egg ?

Here is the list of the calories in a fresh egg:

1 small egg = 54 calories
1 medium egg = 63 calories
1 large egg = 72 calories
1 extra large egg = 80 calories
1 jumbo egg = 90 calories
1 cup of raw eggs = 347 calories
1 large egg white = 17 calories
1 large egg yolk = 59 calories

Egg white are very low in calories also contain no cholesterol.  Egg yolk also contains Vitamins A, VItamins B, roboflavin and iron.   However, egg yolk is extremely high in cholesterol which is about 2/3 of the recommended daily limit.  Cook eggs have different amount of calories compared to fresh eggs.


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