Dengue fever is so rampant nowadays in tropical countries.   It may sound like a mild fever but it doesn’t.   It can cause so many lives especially if we lack knowledge about it.   Basic knowledge is needed to get rid of this disease or better yet to prevent this disease from getting in […]

Some people seem to smell worse than others like how men stink more than women.  This is probably due to a person’s body odor which depends on a lot of factors including health status, gender, diet, and medications taken by that person.  In this post, we’ll mainly focus on some of the health problems and […]

Body odor or B.O. referred to the unbearable smell on the body due to a bacteria present in your armpit or genitals when you sweat or during perspiration.   It’s horrid and may bring embarrassments to the person with body odor.   It may also affect anyone’s social confidence. Many products in the market promise […]

Bad breath is also known as halitosis.   It brings great embarrassment to those people with this kind of disease.   You can’t conceal it.   The smelly breath will just come out from your mouth.   Gums or mints for fresh breath can’t hide the smell so proper knowledge about it will help you […]

Are you very conscious of your physical appearance?  Do you think about the ratio of your height to your weight and age?  Do you ask if you have the right body proportion?  Do you ask this question, “What is my ideal weight for my height and age?” Well this is natural for humans particularly in […]

For years women have shelled out some of their resources just to buy an inexpensive but perfect handbag that would be very much an essential thing in their wardrobe.  However, the fashion nowadays is to have a five figure “signature” handbags made by famous bag makers.  Yet, with the major price shift, women are still […]

Women are so willing to spend a lot just to have beautiful hair.   Beautiful hair means having that bouncy, shiny and silky straight hair.   That’s why women with curly hair will resort to beauty salon and spend thousand of bucks just to have the kind of hair they wanted.   But what if […]

Chocolate has been a part of many kids or even adults’ life.   It has this ingredient that everybody loves.   It can be your best friend when you’re down and sad.   It can be a bribe when a kid is crying or a little encouragement to do something.   And I remember when […]

When we were young we found having freckles on our nose, cheeks, and forehead pretty cool and something cute, especially for those with red hair. Others may have wished for freckles.  But now that we are grown ups we want to get rid of freckles. They are now disgusting! We want them gone.  The problem […]

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a smooth and shiny legs or a scarless face like what you see in this picture? Most women apparently would want to have flawless skin, however not all are lucky to be born with unblemished skin. Scars left in the skin can make you lose a part of your […]