How to Cure Bad Breath From Stomach – Home Remedies to Treat Stinky Breath

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cure bad breath from stomachBad breath is also known as halitosis.   It brings great embarrassment to those people with this kind of disease.   You can’t conceal it.   The smelly breath will just come out from your mouth.   Gums or mints for fresh breath can’t hide the smell so proper knowledge about it will help you solve this problem.   In this article we will discuss the possible causes of bad breath from stomach and how to cure bad breath from stomach.

What are the Causes of Bad Breath from the Stomach ?

The number one cause of stinky breath is the presence of VSC or Volatile Sulfur Compound; it is the compound produce by the mouth and throat. Other causes may include: bacteria build up on the tongue, bad teeth, smoking, spicy food, and digestive disorders like acid reflux disease or plain indigestion.

How to Treat Halitosis from Stomach for Fresher Breath ?

It seems impossible to cure chronic halitosis or bad breath with home remedies.   But guess what?   Home remedies can be use as treatment and believed to cure stinky breath fast and cures naturally.   Here are the ways to get rid of this disease:

  • Fenugreek :  It is the most effective home remedy.   The seeds of this vegetable are boiled to make a tea.   It should be taken everyday to correct the condition.
  • Avocado :  Include avocado to your daily food intake, it serves as mouth lotion that removes intestinal decomposition.
  • Guava :   Chew unripe guava and tender leaves.   It helps stop gums bleeding and bad breath.
  • Parsley :  Get several springs of parsley, ground cloves and add two cups of water and bring to boil.   The extract or the mixture will be used as gargle or mouthwash. Use this several times a day.

People with halitosis should follow a well balanced diet.   Eat more vegetables and fruits.   Watch your oral hygiene, brush your teeth, floss and use mouthwash to further eradicate bad breath.   Take food supplements such as Vitamin B, C and Zinc.

These are simple but effective ways to eliminate bad breath. You can try them now.


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