How to Remove Body Odor Naturally

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remove body odorBody odor or B.O. referred to the unbearable smell on the body due to a bacteria present in your armpit or genitals when you sweat or during perspiration.   It’s horrid and may bring embarrassments to the person with body odor.   It may also affect anyone’s social confidence.

Many products in the market promise to remove body odor but only to find out that they just cover up the smell and don’t really cure them.   If you are one of the persons being tricked by the advertisements and looking for the ways to get rid body odor naturally, then the search is over.   Well, I’m so glad to tell you that you have come across the right article that will guide you to the natural way of removing body odors.

How to Remove Body Odor Naturally ?

Here are some home remedies that you can try to eliminate underarm odor, foot odor, and genital odor:

  • Baking soda. The most popular when it comes to removing odor. Simply apply a liberal amount on your armpit or feet. This will help lessen armpit odor or foot odor.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. Use as a substitute deodorant on your armpit.
  • Tea tree.  It is known as the antibacterial herb.  You can add essential oils and use as deodorant, it will surely eliminate armpit odor. You can also try to boil this herb and use as genital wash to eliminate the vaginal odor.
  • Radish. Extract the juice from two dozens of radish, add some glycerin and put it on a spray bottle.  Use this as underarm deodorant.
  • Sage. A sage tea can help reduce sweat glands activity when taken regularly.
  • Turnips. Grate a turnip, put the grated turnip on a cloth then rub it on the affected areas. Leave it for about ten hours. This will remove armpit and foot odor.
  • Wheat grass.  Take 500mg wheat grass before you eat in the morning that means your stomach should be empty. The chlorophyll in wheat grass will reduce B.O.

These home remedies can remove odors naturally.   These natural ways should also be accompanied with a balanced diet.   Avoid food that can cause odor like garlic, coffee, spicy food, onions and meat.   Personal hygiene also should be observed. Take a bath regularly or at least twice a day.   Wear clean clothes and loose fitting to let your body breathe.

If you think you have done these things already but you think it’s not working and won’t stop the excessive sweating then you should see a doctor and take more complex treatments to eliminate the B.O.


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