How to Use Globe Rewards

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How to Use Globe RewardsIn April 2010, Globe Telecom Philippines has started a unique system to give back to their loyal subscribers and that is through the Globe Rewards program.  Apparently, the promo made a lot of consumers to be fuzzy upon receiving the text message.  And up until now, the permanent points and rewards system are still making a buzz so if you haven’t started using your points yet and you’ve been wondering how to use globe rewards, this is the updated guide on how to claim it.

How to Use Globe Rewards

Below is a list of the keywords you can text in to claim your rewards by sending to 4438:

BAL – for points inquiry (Php1/ text)

ITEMS – for free list of rewards

VIP <space> HELP – for free details on VIP membership

REDEEM <space> ITEM CODE – to claim rewards (Php1/text)

SHARE <space>10-DIGITMOBILE# <space> POINTS – to transfer points (Php1/text)

PIN <space> 4DIGITPIN MIDDLE NAME – to activate pin

STOP – to stop all 4438 texts

Here are some of the items available which can be redeemed:

SMAC20= 260 points

SMAC500= 650 points

SMAC1000= 1300 points

SULITXT15= 15 points

IDD20= 20 points

IDD30= 30 points

UNLI20= 20 points

UNLI40= 40 points

GC1000= 1250 points

SM2000= 2125 points

SM3000=3150 points

SM5000= 2150 points

NOKIA C101= 3175 points

NOKIA 2220= 3375 points

NOKIA 5130XM= 5200 points

DVD PLAYER= 5950 points

WOW VIDEOKE= 6500 points

IPOD NANO 4GB= 8150 points

CANON DIGICAM= 8400 points

NINTENDO DSl= 10425 points

TV= 11125 points

Points are earned everytime you reload and it will be updated every seven days.  There you go, this is how to use globe rewards.  For postpaid subscribers, learn more by visiting your Globe outlet to know more about Globe extras and plus.  Stay rewarded! Enjoy!


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