How to Pasaload in Sun Cellular

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how to pasaload in sun cellularGlobe has its Share-A-Load while Smart has its Pasaload. You might be wondering then whether what Sun Cellular has in store for their subscribers when it comes to passing prepaid credits to other users. The answer, of course, may be done through Give-A-Load.

We all know how common sharing load in the Philippines is which is why it isn’t any wonder why all these telecom companies are offering such services to their subscribers. Are you a Sun user and you wish to send load credits to other Sun subscribers? Then learn more to find out the instructions on how to pasaload in Sun Cellular.

Sun Cellular’s Give-A-Load Procedure

Sun subscribers can pass prepaid credits to fellow sun user for as low as Php 10 and a maximum limit of Php 50 per transaction. Postpaid subscribers may also avail this promo as long as it is within one’s credit limit. To pasa load to a fellow sun user, just key in the following via text message:

  • Text the amount you wish to share, followed by a space, and the 11-digit mobile number. For instance, your text should look like this: 50 0923xxxxxxx. Finally send it to 2292.

Special loads in the form of unlimited text may also be passed on to another user.

Sun Cellular Denominations

Amounts             Expiry Date

P10-19                  1 day

P20-29                  2 days

P30-49                  3 days

P50                         7 days

Just like any other load sharing services, the company also deducts Php 1 as transaction charge alongside the amount sent. Other information may be known by texting HELP and sending it to 2292. But as far as how to pasaload in Sun, the abovementioned information will surely help.


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