How to Pasaload in Globe

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how to pasaload in globeNowadays, mobile subscribers in the Philippines are familiar with sharing load. This is particularly done when one person runs out of prepaid credits and is therefore unable to send a text message. If Smart has its Pasaload, for Globe prepaid subscribers, the act is known as Share-A-Load. Globe’s pasaload is available globe to globe, and globe to TM subscribers. Now, you may be wondering how to pasaload in globe. Learn more about the procedure by reading the rest of the article below.

Globe Share-A-Load Instructions

  1. To start your transaction, key in the load amount that you wish to share (e.g. 15)
  2. Send the message to “2” plus your loved one’s Globe/TM 10-digit mobile number (e.g. 2917xxxxxxx)
  3. You will then receive a confirmation message that you’ve successfully shared a load. Same goes to your loved one, prompting him that he has been loaded with the specific amount.
  4. The load amount is transferred and you’ll be deducted P1 as transaction fee.

Available Load Denominations

Amounts             Load Expiry

P1-10                     3 days

P11-19                  15 days

P20-29                  15 days

P30-39                  15 days

P40-49                  15 days

P50                         15 days

P51-59                  30 days

P60-69                  30 days

P70-79                  30 days

P80-89                  30 days

P90-99                  30 days

P100                      30 days

P101-119              45 days

P120-150              45 days

P300                      75 days

P500                      120 days

Unfortunately, only Globe Postpaid subscribers can send the P300-P500 denominations. Finally, if you, yourself, would like to request for a load from a Globe subscriber, do so by:

Go to Globe Svcs+ on your mobile phone->Prepaid Svcs->CallTxt Svcs->Ask-A-Load-> key in the amount you wish to ask ->search Pbk to enter your loved one;s number.

With such services like this, you will never have any excuse of not responding to your friends or family. Therefore, follow the procedures mentioned above on how to pasaload in globe.


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