Best Time to Travel Argentina

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Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Before we travel and visit a particular place we often ask people or go online to get ideas about the place and to know the best and cheapest time to go there. This is natural.  We just want to make sure that everything is going to be perfect during our vacation, plus we also want to save some money.

Is visiting Argentina on your mind?  Do you want to experience the culture and how it feels like to be at the eighth largest country in the world?  Argentina possesses some of the tallest mountains in the world, impressive waterfalls, and expansive deserts.

Climate in Argentina

Before we talk about the best time to visit the country, let us talk about the climate first.  Argentina lies in the Temperate Zone with dry, cool weather in the south and warmer, humid air in the center pf the country.  The months of January and February are fairly hot while it can be chilly from July to October.

Best Time to Go

The capital city of Argentina which is Buenos Aires is best visited when the temperature is mild and the streets are comfortably full with tourists.  It is best to travel there in autumn (March to May) and in spring (September to November).  During the summer season (December to March), the streets are not crowded but the beaches and resorts are very busy as they are the ideal and favorite destinations of tourists.  You can fully enjoy your vacation because the days are warmer and longer in summer.  If you want to visit the Northwest, it’s best o go there in winter (June to August).

Best Places to See

Aside from its capital city, you can also enjoy seeing Iguazu Fallls, El Calafate, The North, Bariloche, Mendoza, and Ushaia.  These places have a lot to offer to make Argentina good tourism destination.

Typical Argentina Food

Of course beef is a part of their diet.  Barbecue grills and steak houses are also typical in the country.  There are also pasta dishes and pizza if you want to avoid meat.

There you go!  If you want to make your trip well-organized, you can refer to travel agencies like travel channel and Travelocity.  Visit their websites and they will make traveling exciting for you!


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