How to Clean your Mobile Phone

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how to clean mobile phoneA cellphone, regardless if it’s Motorola or iPhone or whatever brand it is, should be cleaned frequently as it’s something that we widely use as a part life’s demands.  Lots of microorganisms and germs are present on the surface of your cell phone as a result of the oil and sweat we produce whenever we hold the handset as well as eating while holding it and a lot more.  While you may see others use any part of their clothes to clean their cell phone, there are actually way more effective ways on how to clean your mobile phone.  Continue reading on as we tell you good cleaning guides for your cell phone.

How to Clean your Mobile Phone

Most parts of the mobile phones can be removed externally such as the keypad and the casing.  Remove them to clean the device easily.  But if the keys of your phone can’t be removed instantly, then do not attempt to remove it in this case to avoid creating any problem to your device.

Though there are a lot of commercially available cleaners in the market, the best cleaner you can use is rubbing alcohol.  Using a clean piece of cloth, pour a little amount of alcohol to clean up the cellphone parts. Soft bristled brush can also be used to wipe off the dirt form your handset. Use this to clean the cover, buttons, and the speakers.  As for the screen, just a dry cloth preferably microfiber or the one used for eyeglasses is the best way on how to clean it.

Never use any liquid on the gadget’s battery to avoid damaging them.  Moreover, make sure that the amount of alcohol is just enough as you don’t want to soak or wash your phone on it.  Finally, when trying to disassemble your mobile phone, extra care is needed as the warranty can be considered void.  This is how to clean your mobile phone.


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