How to Remove Scratches from BlackBerry Screen

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Removing Scratches from BlackBerry Screen PhoneEven though BlackBerry devices come in an extremely hefty price, your smartphone is not guaranteed to be scratch resistant at all times since scratches solely depends on how you use your phone.  Sure, noticing even the lightest scratches or deepest dents on your BlackBerry LCD screen can be really frustrating, but is there something else that you can do about it? Of course, there is still something you can do with it so you won’t end up leaving your mobile phone with indistinct scuff.  Today, we’ll tell you how to remove scratches from BlackBerry screen so better stick with us to find out exactly how to go about removing them.

Usually, your mobile phone comes with a thin plastic cover upon purchase.  Try to check if you haven’t peeled it yet.  If not, then that’s exactly a good thing because you can just simply peel it and you’re screen is still good as new. You only have to clean the surface beneath it with a microfiber cloth like the one used in eyeglasses to get rid of fingerprints and tiny scratches.

However, if you’re unlucky enough, another way on how those scuffs are removed is to make use of a display polish.  There are actually a lot of polishers available in auto parts stores.  I’ve even heard about the Applesauce polish which does well in removing scratches on screen. Scratch remover for eyeglasses basically worked fine, too.  But remember to be careful with the components of your removal thingy.  Stay away from those with acetone or they can turn your LCD into yellowish color.

Sadly though, if the dents have really caused great damage, your last option may be is to look for repair and replacement of your device’s lens.

Finally, prevention is always better than anything else.  Therefore, for this quite expensive investment, try to spend some of your bucks to buy a screen protector made especially for your handset.  They may be available in a lot of web sites online or even at your nearest BB retailers.  This is how to remove scratches from BlackBerry screen. Hope this has helped!


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