How to Know if Someone Loves You

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how to tell if someone loves youBeing in love is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world, more so if you are also loved by the person you love.  If you are in love, you feel like the world is perfect and that you the happiest person in the world.  It makes you fantasize and escape reality even for a while.  But how do we tell that a person really loves you?

Signs to Tell if Someone Loves You

This post is for those who want to make sure that the man or woman they love is also in love with them.  There are unconscious signs to know whether a person loves you or not.  Check for the following signs and find out if your honey is really into you.

  • A smile that does not fade away is a sign that this man or woman likes you.  If you are near the person, his/ her smile seems to be different.  You’ll see genuine happiness on the face of the person with the smile he/ she displays.
  • A man or woman likes you if he/ she is always there for you.  When you need someone to comfort you, the person is there no matter what the circumstance is.
  • Someone loves you if that someone is willing to embrace changes just because of you.  People who are in love can do this without conditions.
  • Even if the person does not tell you verbally that he/ she loves you, you can see it in his/ her actions like spending time with you, asking you to walk at the park with him/her, and giving you surprises that surely make you happy.
  • When a man or woman loves you, you can feel it the way he/ she kisses or touches you.  A kiss from a sincere lover is very passionate.  There’s the connection that you cannot explain.
  • A guy who cuts his work just to be with you is in love with you.
  • A girl loves you if she introduces you to her friends and family and she exerts effort to make you proud of her.
  • A person who is willing to sacrifice anything for you is really in love with you.

Do you know somebody who shows these signs to you?  Man, you are lucky!  A girl is in love with you.  Stay in love and be happy!


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