How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

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first time kissThere is always first time.  First experiences are remembered no matter how they went.  You’d always remember your first day at school; your first time to have a crush on someone in the middle school or high school; your first time to be hurt in love; and your first kiss.  Now, if you haven’t kissed anyone in the past yet and you want to try it this time, then you need to learn the basics. Kissing is an art honed by practice and experience.  Kissing gives you the chance to know if a girl likes you.  It also gives health benefits and not just pleasure.  Did you know that you actually burn calories as you kiss?  Many muscles are exercised during a kiss and this makes it good and healthy.

Kissing Tips for Beginners

Are you planning to make out with your girlfriend?  Well, you need to start with kissing passionately.  Be guided by the following tips.

  • Some men are just too aggressive.  They become so selfish to satisfy their lustful desires.  This is the reason why they end up in an awkward situation sometimes. They kiss their girlfriend at the wrong time.  How do you know when to kiss a girl? Pay attention to the body language of your girlfriend.  You’d know if she feels like kissing you.  Wait for a favorable setting or atmosphere. Use your common sense boy.
  • Check your breath.  It’s disgusting to be kissed by someone with bad breath. Brush your teeth and tongue well. Use mouthwash if needed.
  • Get close to her.  Establish eye contact with her.
  • Hold her hand and you can start caressing her.
  • Then hold a side of her face.  You can kiss her forehead or cheek first before you go down to her lips.
  • Be gentle while kissing her.  Press your lips against hers. Just plant soft kisses to her lips.  Don’t stick out your tongue yet because it might make her feel uncomfortable.  You can do the French kiss next time.
  • As you kiss her you can put her arms behind your neck.
  • Once the kiss is over, give her a small kiss on her cheek or hug her. This is such a sweet gesture.

Can you do it perfectly?  If you can do it well by doing these step by step kissing tips as a boyfriend, you’ll enjoy kissing more.


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