French Kissing Tips for Guys

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french kissKissing is a means of showing your love and passion to your partner.  It is a great way to releasing your intense emotions towards your partner.  Usually a kiss is initiated by boys, as it can be embarrassing on the part of girls especially if they are rejected.  Kissing passionately is a great way to heat your body up.  It makes you and your partner hot during the foreplay.  Men and women who are into a relationship try different types of kiss like freeze kiss, fruity kiss, French kiss, and a lot more. But we are only dealing with French kiss this time.

What is a French Kiss?

French kiss is the kiss involving the tongue. It is also called the “Soul Kiss” as the life and soul are thought to pass through the mouth’s breath in the exchange across tongues. The funny thing is the people in Paris call this the “English Kiss.”

How to French Kiss

Some men are great in kissing; others cannot do it right.  Here are some tips to get the French kiss right.  These techniques aim to help and teach beginners to avoid being embarrassed.

  • The first step is to brush your teeth well.  It’s disgusting to be kissed by a person with bad breath.  Then get a good bath and make sure you appear neat and fresh.  Your physical appearance matters man.
  • Make sure the woman is ready to be kissed.  Unwanted kiss is awkward. Check out her body language.
  • Find a comfortable position before you start kissing the girl.
  • Just relax.  It’s not the time to feel nervous.  You’re not going to enjoy the kiss if you are stiff or shaking.
  • Hold your girl gently.  You can hold her shoulders, neck, or on the side of the face.  Move your face closer but don’t bump noses.
  • Kiss gently and close your eyes.  Be comfortable with lip-to-lip kissing before you slowly explore your partner’s tongue in a light licking motion.
  • Now you can try sucking her tongue.  Explore the inside of the mouth.
  • You can also pull her hair back from the back roots or slightly squeeze her waist to make it even more intimate.
  • Since kissing is the way for making out, pay attention on how she kisses you. That’s probably the way she wants you to kiss her.  This is one thing that a male should remember.

Now you’ve got ideas on how to do it.  Practice makes perfect so keep doing it. Do you want to see a video of this type?  You are free to do it man.


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