How Important Is Reading

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The Philippines is one of the Asian countries ho has the highest literacy rate.This means that majority of people can read and write.The Filipinos highly regarded  education as an instrument of success and growth.That’s why parents would do all their best and resources to send their child to school.

When I was in grade school I have textbook in each subject plus some compulsory workbooks that you have to answer after class or served as homework for the next day Our reading skills is limited in that kind of set up. Read the book when your teacher say so and when you prepare for the exam, – a task that is conditional and discouraging. Students only hold the book when inside the corners of the classroom but forget all together when already outside with friends and playmates.
Public school libraries weren’t that so welcoming and helpful as well,as it only housed few, old rotten and monotonous textbooks . Sadly though children at a young age couldn’t recognize the true purpose of books. Some parents would buy food rather than purchase a good book since the former is more important and it goes with the daily needs of the family. This is real existing especially in a family who ain’t expose to reading in different forms.

Books are gift of life. It came from the incredible mind and soul of those  who believe and dream of a better and wiser society by way of pen. Through this letters and pages we further understand and relate life progressively. From here we become thinkers and doers instead of just being in  the safe side. Books broaden our horizon and perspective and thus flies us to the imaginable world of knowledge and wisdom.


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