Dental Braces Cost in the Philippines

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braces cost philippinesDental tourism is one of the medical tourism that Philippines is truly proud of because of its top quality services in dental treatment and also its affordability.   Speaking of affordability, this article will answer your question about how much braces cost in the Philippines.   But first we’ll discuss important things about it like:   Who needs braces? Do braces hurt? What benefits can you get in wearing braces?

Who Needs Dental Braces?

People with bad bite or malocclusion need braces.   Bad bite is the crooked alignment of teeth.   It can affect the appearance of a person and not only that, it can make chewing or swallowing food difficult and also in speaking. In addition to this, people with this kind of teeth are prone to cavities, gum diseases and even bad breath.

Braces are not only for kids . Older people can still wear them as long as their gums and supporting bones are healthy.

Do Dental Braces hurt?

It may hurt when the orthodontic has to loosen or tighten a tooth for it to be moved and aligned.   The discomfort may last for two to three days after the adjustments.   But as the treatment progresses, the pain will slowly lessen as the patients get used to the adjustments.

What Benefits Can You Get in Wearing Dental Braces ?

Well aligned teeth can promote good appearance, can boost self esteem and good health.

How much braces cost in the Philippines ?

Braces in the Philippines may be expensive but it’s just one third of the average cost in the U.S and other Asian countries.   Price ranges from $750USD to $ 2000USD depending on the treatment that you would want to have.   You can try invisalign or lingual braces for more complicated bad bite.

In as much that you would be spending a lot, you should therefore look for the best dental clinics in the Philippines to make your money worth it.   One of the best dental clinics in Manila is Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center or GAOC.   This is where famous Filipino celebrities go and have their teeth checked.

Beautiful teeth is costly but in the end it’s all worth it.


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