World’s Richest Countries

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luxembourg worlds richest countryHave you ever wondered what some of the world’s richest countries are?  Have you ever thought of what countries have the most money? Apparently, ranking of the powerful countries around the world is associated on their gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. How it’s ranked, I don’t know. However, here are some of the world’s richest countries based on the ranking of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

World’s Richest Countries

  1. Luxembourg – ($ 88, 800)
  2. Qatar – ($ 75,900)
  3. Norway – ($ 55, 600)
  4. Kuwait – $55,300
  5. United Arab Emirates – $55,200
  6. Singapore – $48,900
  7. United States – $46,000
  8. Ireland – $45,600
  9. Equatorial Guinea – $44,100
  10. Switzerland – $39,800

If you notice, even though Luxembourg is a small country with residents of less than 500, 000 people, it is the top one among the wealthiest countries all over the world.  On the other hand, Middle East Asian countries like UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait belonged to the list through their largest petroleum and gas reserves and exports thus leading them to be side by side with rich countries.  Although USA does not hold the top spot for the wealthiest countries, it is said that most of the billionaires lie on the cities of the country.

Other countries made their way as wealthy countries because of other reasons such as manufacturing of goods, foreign exchange trading, etc.  More names included in the list of world’s richest countries include Hong Kong, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Denmark, and UK.

So, there you go.  Those are just some who made it to the list.  Are you hoping that one day you’re country will be one, too?  All the best!


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