Being Pinoy ( Filipino festivals and more )

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Being a Filipino means enjoying good food with families and friends.We are known to be close knitted  and helpful  to our love ones. This is proven in most of the families where a married son/daughter still  shared a house with his/her parents.

Nothing  is more precious  than seeing a family spending and enjoying time together. Its part of a tradition to celebrate especial occasions like birthdays and anniversaries with our love ones.

We usually cook local favorites such as pansit, shanghai, menudo, afritada rice cakes among others . Along with a birthday cake we sang to the tune of happy birthday to the celebrant and even give presents. We invite some of our friends and even our neighbors to share the bountiful blessings.
Filipinos loved gathering and festivities. We always want to engage and be part of a loud, colorful and exciting party culture that we had since the Spanish period. Their influence is still so much alive until this days. This is apparent in how we celebrate fiestas in different towns and cities from around the country. But this is not only a simple celebration to pay tribute to  Christian patrons but also a celebration of life among Filipinos by conducting brilliant parades, creative dances and mini concerts and several food festivals. The local government is setting the trend to attract tourist and promote tourism in the Philippines as well us reviving our rich and proud heritage.


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