Pinoys Are The Happiest Employee In Southeast Asia

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pinoy  – An online employment company mainly in Southeast Asia recently issued on Wednesday its 2016 Happiness Index Report which topped Filipinos as the happiest employees in their current job. The survey suggest 73% of the respondent said that they were happy with their jobs followed by Indonesians at 71 % ,Thai with 61% ,Vietnam 60 % and Hongkong 57%.

According to Job country manager Philipn Gioca in a briefing in Makati said that Filipino are still the happiest workers in Southeast Asia. By industry government employees were the happiest,6.66 rating out of the 10-point scale followed by education and oil sector with 6.53 rating and 6.49 rating, consequently. Pinoys scored an average satisfaction beating of 6.25 on a scale of 0 to 10,with 0 being the “extremely happy”.

The Philippines ranked third in job optimism for the next six months ,Indonesia has the most optimistic workers ,followed by Vietnam.

The survey  classified the three major factor that increase Filipino’s job happiness : good rapport with colleague,convenient work location and the company’s reputation. However the top factor causing job unhappiness among Pinoy’s are  poor salary,benefits and training.

Filipino employees are the happiest and most satisfied in Southeast Asia. Their positivism could be reflected in the country`s recent leadership and governance under Duterte.


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