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Generally, a person opts for surgery so that he would look better.  However, there are instances where plastic surgeries have gone wrong and not even celebrities can escape it.  As for celebrities, they already have the beauty to flaunt so it’s a wonder why they would still risk their looks to undergo cosmetic surgery which would only turn into bad, disasters, and awful surgery. For an instance, let’s take a look at Bruce Jenner’s case.

bruce jenner plastic-surgery before after

Bruce Jenner - Before and After

Bruce Jenner, the father of Brody Jenner, is a famous track and field Olympian during the 1970s and is just among the celebrities who have become the subject of the worst plastic surgery ever.  In 1984, he was advised by a plastic surgeon to have a partial facelift. Consequently, he too underwent nose job. However, the result wasn’t what he had actually planned. And it was when his post-plastic operation has been the talk of the town.

Bruce Jenner from an interview even admitted that ….

“If you Google my name, the worst plastic surgeries of all time, or whatever it is… They’ve compared me to Michael Jackson.”

That is why, after twenty five years ago, he’s finally decided to undergo yet another surgery for correction of the surgery mistakes.  He went to another doctor and opted for a second facelift. The operation was actually a gift from her stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian.

Though there is only a little difference that you can tell, it seems as though Bruce Jenner fells more confident about the way he looks. Now, let’s take a look at his before and after pictures.


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