Worst Surgical Mistakes

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korean woman hang mioku after injecting cooking oil on her face

Just the mere thought of undergoing surgery can be downright scary, what more if surgical errors are committed while you are under anesthesia? Even scarier, right? Although hospitals, doctors, and members of the surgery team adhere to strict policies and standards of practice, medical malpractice is still unavoidable and can lead to errors, injuries, and complications.

Some of the common failures experienced are administration of operation to the wrong patient, wrong site, wrong organ, and equipment left in the body. We’ve heard a lot of stories about this in the plastic surgery scene like that of Bruce Jenner’s, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Hang Mioku, and a lot more.  To add more on the list, here are some of the worst surgical mistakes I’ve found while browsing through the net.

Wrong Organ

  • Jesica Santillan – one of the biggest surgical mistakes wherein the patient received the wrong organs, specifically the heart and lungs, from a donor whose blood type didn’t match hers.
  • Dana Carvey – member of the Saturday Night Live who experienced a bad surgery wherein his surgeon bypassed the wrong artery.

Wrong Patient

  • Joan Morris (not her real name) – suffered surgery blunder by undergoing open heart surgery when she doesn’t really have to.

Wrong Site

  • Willie King – has undergone amputation operation, however doctors amputated the wrong leg.
  • Benjamin Houghton – his surgeons actually removed his right testicle which is perfectly healthy instead of the left one.

Equipment left in the Body

  • Donald Church – a 13-inch long retractor was left in the patient’s abdomen after undergoing surgery in the abdomen due to tumor.

Undergoing an operation procedure is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to an individual since they say their lives are put in danger.  Therefore, medical institutions should never leave any space for appearances of mistakes to protect the lives of their patients.


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