How to Cure Snoring with Home Remedies

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snoring home remediesAre you tired of being bothered by someone in bed with the buzzing sound to the point of imagining that you are with a ton of bees in your bed?   Bedroom is a place where you are suppose to sleep and rest your tired body right?   Then how come the so called heaven weren’t anymore?   Is it time to ditch that someone who gave you sleepless nights?   Uh-oh!   Not to that point. Snoring can give you restless sleep, well not to the one who has it but to those who has to sleep with snoring people.   I got the same problem a few years back.   My husband has a sleep apnea and I got problem in sleeping well. But anyway, my calvary ended when I learned how to cure snoring naturally with home remedies.   But before you learn on how to get rid of snoring, let me give you a few insights about what are the causes why someone snore and how to prevent it.


  • Airway blockage
  • Tongue’s muscle tone
  • Old age
  • Too exhausted body
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Deviated Septum

Treatment (Home Remedy)

Before you resort to surgery or jaw support, you may try these ways to stop you from snoring. It may not be the best cure but you can do these to fight the symptoms and avoid greater risks. Here they are:

  • Lose weight. We heard of different benefits when someone loses weight and that includes stopping you from snoring.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcoholic beverages before going to bed. This can relax the muscle on your throat and thus can make you snore.
  • Sleep on your side. This position can prevent you from snoring. Avoid sleeping on your back when you have this condition because it can make you snore even more. You can also elevate your head while lying in bed.
  • Avoid eating too much before going to bed. Avoid eating too much dairy products before going to bed because the mucus can form and block your airway such as nose and throat.

The above mentioned treatment can be done also as preventive measures. You should also remember that sometimes snoring can be a symptom of some serious condition like sleep apnea, so seeing your physician once in awhile will help you address any problem. Remember health is wealth, so stay healthy and love your body.


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