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How to Stop SnoringHaving someone next to you when you sleep is a wonderful thing.  It gives you a feeling of security and happiness. What if that someone creates a terrible noise that you can’t sleep well at night?  Snoring can turn your sweet dreams into nightmares!  This is even embarrassing for women!

Snoring is a natural impulse while sleeping.  You cannot control it.  It occurs because of the vibrations that cause particles in the air that form sound waves.  It can also be caused by swollen glands.  Some people even blame sleep apnea for their snoring.  It is experienced by many people. It occurs even in women and babies.  However people who snore differ in one way or another.  People who have this may wonder on how to cure snoring.

How to Stop Snoring: Home Remedies

If you experience the signs and symptoms of snoring and your loved ones often complain about the disturbance that you cause when you snore, you’d better find remedies or treatment for this thing. You can try the following before seeing your doctor.

  • Change sleeping positions. Try sleeping on your side or stomach to reduce or cure minor snoring problems.
  • Use a flat pillow or no pillow at all.   Straight neck can reduce snoring.
  • Lose some weight if you are overweight.  Extra pounds increase snoring problems.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or taking tranquilizers or sleeping pills before going to bed.
  • Quit smoking because it induces smoking.
  • You can also try herbal remedies like drinking eucalyptus tea and eating yogurt.
  • You can also use saline solution made with a cup of water, a tsp. of baking soda and a tsp. of sea salt.
  • Use pure sleep device.

If trying these natural cures does not cure your snoring problems or it is accompanied by difficulty in breathing, see your doctor to end your problem permanently.  If this problem is solved then you and the people in your room will have a good night sleep


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Roseanna Leaton Says:September 11th, 2010 at 8:06 am

Everyone who snores wishes that they didn’t; nobody likes knowing that they keep their partner awake or drive them into the spare bedroom.In fact most snorers are frustrated by being subjected to something which they seemingly cannot control. There are many possible cures and solutions to snoring; it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.

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