Renewal of PRC License Under Mr. Duterte’s Administration – Be Amazed

  posted by: Dennis Aguilar




Someone posted a video proof of how satisfied he is under Mr. Dutertes’ administration. Mr. Benjamin B. Eugenio Jr., a professional teacher and the one who posted a video said that Mr. President really has already delivered his promise for speeding up the government service. The teacher on his video said…

Heto patunay na tinutupad ng ating pangulo ang pangako nya na tayo’y guminhawa at hindi hirap pagdating sa pagkuha ng ating mga dokumento…One Salute to our President Duterte.

Before the current administration, normally it would take about 3 days for Professional Regulation Commission to process it. But in this video, the teacher only took his PRC license in record-breaking 4 hours.

Wow, it has been only a month. Mr. President, Keep Up the Good Work, God Bless You.



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