How Long and How Wide is the Great Wall of China

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great wall of china length and widthOne of the most spectacular things that men have ever built is the Great Wall of China.  It is the largest and longest engineering project ever done by humans.  It is one big proof that the human mind is creative and powerful.  According to history, it was built to keep the Mongol nomads out of China.  It was built of earth and stones in wood frames by slaves and soldiers during the Qin Dynasty. It was under the reign of Emperor Ch’in Shi Huang Ti.

Many tourists are really interested to go to China and see the beauty and wonders of the wall. It’s one thing that makes China a favorite tourist destination. For those who cannot afford to visit this place personally, learn some facts about it through our post.  You can also see the picture included at the left.

When was the Great Wall of China Built ?

The Great Wall of China was built from the 3rd century B.C.E to the 17th century AD.

How many miles does it cover ?

According to wikipedia, the wall stretches about 5, 500 miles (8, 851 km). This is the length of the wall.

What is the width of the wall ?

It is about 4.6-9.1 meters (15-30 ft) wide at the base and from 2.7-3.7 (9-12 ft) wide at the top.

How high / tall is the wall ?

The Great Wall stands 25 feet tall.

These are the measurements that show how huge is the Great Wall of China is. You can check for some tourist maps and photos to feed your curiosity. Enjoy your travel online!


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