How to Remove All Post on Facebook Wall

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removing post on facebook wallMany people have expressed how much they love Facebook as a means of communication with loved ones as well as old friends whom you’ve lost contact to. True enough, through this ever famous social networking site, a lot of actions and activities can be done and among them is wherein you can write on someone else’s facebook wall. It’s fun to see when your connections start posting something on your wall such as birthday greetings on even a simple message. However, it gets annoying when your friends start spamming and post entries that are totally useless like invitations to applications. This can totally make your profile trashy so maybe then you are wondering how to remove all posts on facebook wall. Fortunately there is a way, therefore read the rest of the article and find out how to clear posts, comments, and other stuff on your wall.

Removing All Posts on Facebook Wall

According to the guys from facebook, there isn’t a way on how to remove all posts on facebook wall with just one click. Instead, you can delete posts individually by going to your profile page, and then look for the post which you want to delete. Simply click the “x” button that you see on the right side of the post and confirm by clicking the “Remove Post” option.

On the other hand, you are left with another option of not allowing your friends to liberally writing or posting whatever they want on your page. Hmmm, are you wondering how to do this? Then follow the instructions.

  1. Log in to your facebook account and drop down to privacy settings via the account.
  2. Edit your profile by choosing “Only Me” on the posts by me section.

Doing this will prevent your friends from seeing your entire wall and typing just whatever they want.


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