How to Date on Facebook

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How to Date on FacebookSocial networking is very popular now.  We have Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, and Twitter.  Among the known sites, the most popular is Facebook. It helps connect people and builds stronger relationships among friends and relatives who are apart.  You can also gain new friends through social networking sites. Furthermore, you can also use networking sites to find your best match.  Start it with dating on Facebook.

Guides when Dating on Facebook

Here are some online dating tips on how to date on Facebook.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to create an appealing profile. You don’t need to post seductive photos but you just have to make your profile catchy. Make sure that it identifies you as single. No one will be interested to date with you if your relationship status is “Complicated.” For you primary photo, post a decent and recent one.  To make it interesting, include your hobbies and interests and occupation.  You can also include your notable achievements but don’t be very arrogant.  Leave some information about yourself, though.
  • Now, move on to the next step.  Find a prospect.  Search for someone who attracts you the most.
  • If you are not friends with the person yet, send a friend request to the person.  If your request is confirmed, then that’s a good sign.
  • Establish a good rapport or communication by sending the person a message. You can include there how you found his/her profile and that you like to know about him/her.  You can also post something sensible on the person’s wall.
  • Keep in touch with the person.  If you get a response from the person, that’s a sign that you he/ she is interested to you.  But if you don’t get any response after days or weeks, move on to the next prospect.
  • After some time of communicating and exchanging messages, maybe you can ask the person to meet you up at a coffee shop.  Seeing each other in person will help you determine if you have chemistry at all.  If you feel you have, keep on dating until your feelings grow into love before you decide to marry the person.

The art of dating on Facebook is not hard to learn.  You just need to use your common sense.  But don’t be dependent on networking sites.  Dating in person is still far batter.


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