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Baguio CityBaguio City, also called City of Pines, is one of the sought after destinations in the northern part of the Philippines. Why not?  It has very beautiful and romantic spots.  It also has a very good weather which is actually similar to the weather of Tagaytay City.  You seldom see and feel the sun and it is almost foggy everyday.  The cold environment in Baguio attracts foreigners and locals in the summer.  What’s more surprising is that the native people in their indigenous dress are well-versed in English.  They can speak English very well.  The best places to visit in the City of Pines are located near each other.  Since the city is not so large, you can easily explore its beauty.

Must-see Places in Baguio City

To avoid missing the beautiful places when you are in Baguio, pay attention to each of the following spots.  These are the attractions that boost the tourism industry of the city.

  • Baguio Cathedral:  Right on top of a hill in the heart of the city is a majestic church.  Once you are there, you can see the view of the busy Session Road or SM Baguio.  If you are a Catholic, try to experience praying inside the church.  From Session Road, you can ascend there to get to the church.
  • Burnham Park: Despite This park was designed by American architect and urban planner Daniel Hudson Burnham.  He also designed the original plan for Baguio City.  You can enjoy the beauty and serenity of Burnham Park for free.  There’s no entrance fee but you pay for boating, and riding bicycles.  If you just need to breath in, go to Burnham Park.
  • Session Road:  This is the commercial center of the city.  It is where you will find bazaars, department stores, old movie theaters, boutiques, hotels, restaurant and cafes, grocery stores, and bakeshops.
  • The Mansion:  This is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines.       It is situated along C.P. Romulo Drive and right across from Wright Park.  This is one of the most visited places in Baguio.
  • Camp John Hay:  It is one of the most popular attractions in Baguio. It features a world class competition Jack Niclaus-designed golf course.  It also features hotels, convention center, and a shopping center.
  • Philippine Military Academy (PMA):  The officers’ training school of the AFFP has made the City of Pines its home.  The visitors are allowed to explore the grounds, view the cadets’ drills, and explore the PMA museum and walk around to see vintage tanks and military weapons.
  • Tam-awan Village:  This has been created by the Chanum Foundation in 1998.  It is a collection of Ifugao and Kalinga huts.  It features an Art Gallery, a Coffee Shop, and the different huts and workshop areas.  You are allowed to take photos there.

Before you travel and enter the city, it’s better for you to buy a city map so you can tour around even without a tourist guide. Don’t worry about the accommodation. You can stay at Microtel Inn and Suites. I hope that you will have a great vacation. Enjoy your trip!


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