How to Clean Xbox 360 Lens

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How to Clean Xbox 360 LensWhen your gaming system starts to get constant disk errors, then you may have to do some laser lens cleaning to your device.  Just like any other console, the Xbox needs to be periodically cleaned for it to function optimally.  How to clean Xbox 360 lens has been a common household question by some people. Well, if you happen to be reading this, then good for you as we’re here to give you some tips on how clean Xbox 360 lens thus giving you less reading game disc and annoyance.  Continue reading on to learn how.

How to Clean Xbox 360 Lens

  1. Purchase a cleaner disc on your local electronics stores to be used to clean the lens of your console.  Make sure that it is for a CD player and not a DVD lens cleaner since the classic faming console is not DVD compatible.
  2. Turn your TV on and this is usually done by putting the CD in like you normally do.
  3. Put the lens on your Microsoft Xbox’s disc drive face up and allow it to clean the laser lens by sweeping off dirt over it.  Close the drive and your console will automatically take you to its menu.
  4. Follow the instructions to clean the lens. To start clean up, you need to play the first track of the cleaning disc and listen carefully as it tells you the steps.  The steps are pretty simple enough and it may take you minutes and the directions will tell you once cleaning is done.

This is how to clean Xbox 360 lens.  In cases where cleaning it doesn’t solve the skipping and poor loading time problems of your system, then maybe you need to open the system already or ask a professional to fix, repair, or even have lens replacement for it.  Hope this has helped!


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