How to Date a Widow

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date a widowHaving the chance to love again after losing a spouse is such a wonderful thing.  To love and be loved is one of the greatest gifts of God to humans. Mending a broken heart is not easy after losing the person that you have loved all your life.  But if love knocks on your door the second time around, open the door and welcome it.  See it as a sign of a new life and new love.  You are not certain of the future so take the chance and risk of loving again.  Don’t get tired of it.

Dating Guide & Advice when Dating a Widow

What are the tips on how to date a widow ?  Take a look at the following:

  • Find out if she has given enough time to grieve for the loss of her beloved husband.  If she is still grieving, give her a comfort as a friend. She needs your sympathy.  Offer friendship.
  • If the woman has kids, befriend them.  Treat them as your own and don’t make them feel that they are neglected.  They also need comfort for losing their father.
  • Get along with the family well while taking things slow.  Give them enough time to recover from the death of a loved one.  This is not the time to pressure the woman.
  • Respect the woman if she asks for space.  You don’t know what she’s going through so just give it top her and understand her situation.
  • She might be dating with you but that does not mean that she’s over her departed husband.  Be patient enough to make her fall in love with you, the kind of love a wife has for her husband.
  • If you think she’s being unfair to you like she’s just using you, tell her how you feel. Maybe you need space, too.
  • Show that you can love her with all of your heart.  Don’t try to act like you are replacing her spouse.  You can never do it.  For a divorcee woman who wants to forget her former husband, this might work.

Dating a widower, a widow or a divorcee is not easy.  It takes a lot of courage and a wide room for understanding the person.  If you can’t have these, then these kinds are not for you.


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