A Stray Cat Was Tied and Whacked Mercilessly By Owner

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A sickening video of a man whacking  a pet cat on the ground several times has been on the watch by animal rights activists and furious citizens this week. The short clip was recorded by a  lady neighbor who was worried and concerned  about the animal’s terrible condition on the owner’s hand.
In the video the street cat was seen to be unconscious on the ground  after a repeated banging by the attacker. He also hit  it with a belt which left the poor animal dead.

The concerned citizen testified that the man become abusive especially  when drunk. She said that he would adopt stray animals and even takes care of them in his house in the normal circumstances.
But when in the  influenced of  alcohol he would  changed into a cruel owner to his suffering pets.
Their was once an  instance when he put a cat on a container which cause it to die. Another was a dog who he also hits until its last breath and similar other cases. The woman told news that the man release his anger and frustrations in life by doing harm and abuse to her pets.


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