How to Tailor your Resume to Specific Jobs

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Tailor your Resume to Specific JobsMost people seeking for jobs apply for many positions in different companies. They don’t limit themselves to just one application.  There are instances where in they need to change their resume or curriculum vitae (CV) from time to time. They have to do this to tailor their resume to specific jobs. You need to submit a good resume to impress your potential employer.  The general rule in writing a good resume is to address the specific details about the job you are applying for. It isn’t really hard to do it but make sure you really do it properly.  Take a closer look at the following:

How to Make a Resume which Suits to Specific Jobs

  • The first thing that you need to do is to read a certain job advertisement carefully. You need to understand the particular details included in the post. Understanding the details will help you decide what to include. Don’t send a generic resume.
  • Create the Headline and Summary of Qualifications. These are the foundation of your resume. The Summary of Qualifications consists of four to six bullets that target your key skills, experiences, and intangibles.
  • Keep a running list of your achievements. The company is looking for an asset so try to impress the employer with you achievements and qualifications.
  • Feature the accomplishments most relevant to the job position.
  • Another important thing is to explain the relevance of your duties in the previous companies to the position you are applying.

You can also include a cover letter in your employment application. And of course do not forget your contact details. Good luck!


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