How to Prepare for Panel Interview

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Preparation for Panel InterviewOne type on interview is the so-called panel interview, also known as committee and board interview.  It is a kind of interview where in the interviewee will meet several individuals sitting around a conference table at a time.  These individuals include the HR staff, team leader, and the manager.  These individuals or interviewers will be asking the interviewee some prepared questions.  Normally, the questions for all the applicants or interviewees are all the same.  They compare the answers.  Panel, behavioral, and sequential interviews have become popular nowadays.

If you are scheduled for a job interview, you need to be prepared.  Let’s assume it’s going to be a panel interview.  Standing in front of a panel is quite intimidating.

Tips for a Panel Interview

  • Research some things about the company so you’ll be familiar with the facts about it.  This is not only done for a panel interview but even for a one-on-one or phone interview.  It’s always good to have something to say about the company in case you will be asked.
  • Your overall presentation includes appropriate clothing or attire.  Wear something nice like business attire if possible.  This will create a good impression. For men, wear the ideal pant suits or long sleeves with collars, ties (optional), and formal shoes.  For women, wear casual pants, knee skirts, a decent blouse or sweater and high heels.
  • Prepare an excellent introduction.  Stress out your special skills and abilities. Think of the best way to sell yourself to the panel or board. Show good communication skills.  Anticipate on making eye contact with the members of the panel.  Practice being polite and attentive.
  • Anticipate or write sample questions and try to construct excellent answers. Deliver your answers with confidence.  Train yourself to be confident.  But don’t make it very apparent that you prepared and memorized your answers.
  • If you are given the chance to ask the board questions, ask meaningful questions only.  Make sure the questions will reflect positively on you. Preparation is also needed on this part.  Avoid interrupting the interviewer.

These are some things that can help you succeed in a group interview.  Preparing is really important so you can land to a good job.  Good luck!


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