How to Delete Messages on Facebook

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how to delete messages on FacebookWith the various changes made by the Facebook team in the hope of improving the platform, many Facebook users are just literally lost on how to go about navigating their page. Say, the Facebook messages. In the old Facebook, message deletion has been very easy. But nowadays, it has just become a little confusing since your messages can’t seem to be deleted. Hmm, you may have wondered how to delete messages on Facebook. Lucky you as in this post, we’ll share information on how to go about deleting messages permanently. Read on to learn more.

Deleting Messages on Your Inbox

So you tried to click on the envelope icon to see all your messages and when you tried to click on the “X” button, the message is archived. However, archiving does not delete the message itself. Instead, it just hides the message from the message view and these archived messages can still be seen later. This is totally not cool. But to permanently remove a specific message, just do the following:

  1. Open the individual message or the conversation.
  2. Click on the drop down Actions Menu, and click on the Delete Messages.
  3. Check the specific message that you wish to delete and then hit on the Delete Selected that you see on the top. If you wish to remove the entire conversation, then simply click the Delete All button.

Deleted messages can never be retrieved and it is totally removed from the conversation history unlike the archive messages where you can go back and forth to archive and unarchive a specific conversation.

So there you go. You already know how to go about removing the conversation from your message view. We only hope that this has become extremely helpful toward your quest. Good luck!


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